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Our Value

Why Choose Ambulance Billing Company?


We at Ambulance Billing Company have decades of combined experiences among our staff.  We know how the system works and have an extraordinary recovery rate for our customers’ bills.  These recovery rates contribute directly to your bottom line.


Ambulance Billing Company is dedicated to providing expertise for your agency or squad covering all aspects of the billing process to make sure that payments will be made on time. We also have the expertise with the documentation you need to help you with compliance in an ever-changing regulatory environment from From Bridgeton to Springfield and from Englewood to Whitehouse.

Our Services

Compared to other billing companies, ABCo offers a comprehensive service package at a reasonable price 
  • Electronic claims submission to Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance companies;

  • Insurance eligibility verification and Deposits & Payment posting;

  • Tracking of claims and resubmissions (as necessary);

  • Manage Appeals for denied claims;

  • Preparation and documentation for overpayments; and

  • Clear and concise monthly reports.


We also offer the following services:


  • Documentation and compliance training for your organization;

  • Liaison and coordination with ALS, hospitals, and local government offices;

  • Assistance with Medicare enrollment or re-enrollment; and

  • Provision of sample forms for use in the field and consultation services.

You are passionate about providing excellent, life-saving, emergency medical services. But who is passionate about sending the bills that ultimately fund these emergency medical services? 

Ambulance Billing Company! That’s who!

You didn’t enter into the EMS field to send bills. We get that. When you are on a job, you are not thinking about bills; you are thinking about your patients and their needs. But these services don’t come for free. Providing 24×7 emergency medical services is a costly endeavor, and without an efficient and effective billing operation, a business can come to a grinding halt as operational costs outpace payments. Nobody wins when an EMS or ambulance service goes out of business due to unpaid patient bills.

Ambulance Billing Company specializes in EMS Billing that offers hassle-free and efficient services. Our mission is to provide expert billing for ambulance and EMS services. We deliver exceptional and timely results. We work with your crew to get the needed documentation to get an invoice paid. If invoices are not paid on time, we do the necessary coordination and follow-up. When we input your PCRs, we code the call correctly for your insurance so that they will quickly convert it into a payment for your organization.

Let Ambulance Billing Company be your billing partner. Call us today. (877) 251-2861

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